DDTA journey in Denmark (september 2017)

The Digital Dream Team of Acta, the French Technical Institutes, was invited by the French Institute of Denmark  (Nathalie Avallone, Scientific and University Cooperation) to visit in Copenhagen for a few days (19-21 September 2017) speak in digital conferences and meet some Big data experts in Agriculture.

We were invited to a public conference named “Big data a multiscale solution for a sustainable agriculture”.

It was a great opportunity to present our work on data access and valorization (summary available). We illustrated the current evolution concerning Big Data from farmers with many current or potential applications that aim to produce new services for farmers or advisers.

Located at the DTU (Technical University of Denmark), we participated to a workshop on “Big Data and Expert systems in Agriculture” during the “High Tech summit”. We presented in detail our white paper and recommendations on data access and valorization for research and innovation in Agriculture. We discover a similar reflexion led by Danish colleagues more focused on food chain (“Utilize data from farm to fork”).

At the Science university of Copenhagen, we participated to a workshop organised by the Plant Science Department. We presented our recent works on plant diseases monitoring network mobilizing statistical approaches. We also presented the API-AGRO platform (plateforme.api-agro.fr) launched by the technical institutes (ACTA) which now federates mains French stakeholders of research and innovation as an ecosystem with a common data platform.

We had the opportunity to have a special meeting with SEGES (www.seges.dk/en). Although the R&D activities in Denmark seem organised in a quite different way than in France, SEGES in a national institute which presents similar activities as our French Technical Institutes of the ACTA network, especially on data collection, analysis and valorization in order to create new services to farmers and advisers.

These meetings may offer opportunities of collaboration at the European level.

François Brun (Acta) & Théo-Paul Haezebrouck  (Acta, API-AGRO)


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Les enjeux de l’Internet des objets (IoT) pour l’agriculture – 28 avril 2017 à Boigneville

L’Association francophone d’informatique en agriculture (AFIA), le réseau Numérique & Agriculture de l’Acta-les instituts techniques agricoles organisaient avec Arvalis le 28 avril 2017 une conférence sur les objets connectés en agriculture sur la Digiferme® de Boigneville dans l’Essonne. Plus de 100 participants, d’horizons très variés ont découverts sur le terrain des démonstrations qui prouvent que l’on est bien en train de passer des concepts à la réalité avec une offre commerciale qui se développe.

Communiqué de presse : les objets connectés, une réalité en agriculture (3 mai 2017)

Programme et présentations (pdf)

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Les organisateurs et partenaires de la journée IoT 28 avril 2017